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Seven Lakes North & South

… operates as a homeowner association (HOA) and is a warranty deeded HOA community.

The information provided here is meant to acquaint you with some of what our community has to offer, like the stables, clubs and community events, independently owned on-site recreational facilities, and important rules & regulations.

Being a resident in a gated community has several advantages. At the same time, it brings a responsibility to observe our Covenants and Rules and Regulations, which were established for everyone’s benefit and for the preservation of our property values. When the Seven Lakes development began in the early 1970s, our Covenants were put into place, designed to “run with the land”, meaning under current laws there is little, if any, likelihood they can be changed. A seven-member Board of Directors is elected by the landowner membership to serve two-year terms.

The Rules and Regulations can and have been modified and updated by Board of Directors action with full transparency to the landowner membership. The Community Standards Committee and the Architectural Review Board oversee compliance with the Rules & Regulations.

As an HOA, every Seven Lakes North & South lot is subject to annual dues. The dues cover administrative staff and operational costs such as facilities, road, amenities, and lakes and dams maintenance; common area landscaping; North & South gate security; and community events. The Seven Lakes Landowners Association also holds reserve accounts to cover unexpected costs related to upgrading our lakes and dams as well as our facilities, roads, and amenities. There are nominal annual fees for boat and golf cart registration and mailbox rental.